Ball So Hard 


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PreSeason Jam

What better way to kick off the Fall Ball Season by giving yourself a heads up as you prepare to go into the season on potential players strengths and weaknesses, who will fit and who won't. Great to use as a building tool for the upcoming season. 

What you can expect ? 

  • Two - 20-minutes halves with Running Clock. Clock stops on all dead balls in the final 2-minutes of the game. 

  • 2-minute halftime 

  • Overtime will be sudden-death to keep everything timely and in order to sanitize for the next set of games. 

  • After the 7th team foul teams will shoot 1:1 there will never be a double-bonus.

  • After the 6th individual player foul the player will foul out of the game. 

  • High School Varsity Teams with Patched UIL/TAPPS High School Officials to officiate the games.

Registration Closed

Date: September 18- 19, 2021

Louetta Automotive Sports Complex
17120 House and Hahl Road
Cypress, TX 77433