IESA 8th Grade State Wrap-Up

8 4-A Final Results

IESA 8-4A State Champions Danville Northridge(28-0). Northridge had to beat these teams at the State Tournament to be crowned Champions East St. Louis Lincoln(24-1) 47-33, Bloomington JHS(19-9) 54-24, and Flossmoor Parker(19-3) 40-34 in the title game. The Ridge Runners team averaged 47PPG and held their opponent to 30.3, thats a +16.7 point differential for the Tournament. Danville Ridge Runners were led by Tourney MVP Tevin Smith who put up 17 points in the Championship Game and had a tourney average of 19.3PPG and led the tourney in total points also with 58 total points, the Ridge Runners also received great contributions from Nathanael Hoskins 10.3PPG, Devin Miles 7PPG, and Keyshon Hampton 6PPG.

All-Tourney Teams and MVP

1st Team:

Tevin Smith - Danville Northridge(MVP) as seen in picture

Chad Ready - Flossmoor Parker

Kyonte Thomas - Bolingbrook Humphrey

Ryan Kraft - Mokena

Nathanael Hoskins - Danville Northridge

2nd Team:

Darnell Jones - Flossmoor Parker

Mike Maloney - Mokena

Corey Evans - Bloomington JHS

Daniel Reed - Flossmoor Parker

Devin Miles - Danville Northridge

Honorable Mentions: Dontay Goodwin-East St. Louis Lincoln; Andre Gillespie-East St. Louis Lincoln; Justin Johnson-Rockford Flinn; Javeion Hoover-Rockford Flinn; Maki Rose-Springfield Grant; Bennie Slater-Springfield Grant; Chevelle Butler-Bolingbrook Humphrey; Kevin Conway-Mokena; Landon Moore-Bloomington JHS; Andrew Heath-Bloomington JHS; Demarco Clayton-Bloomington JHS; Keyshon Hampton.

8 3-A Final Results

IESA 8-3A State Champions Teutopolis (24-4). The Wooden Shoes had to beat these teams at the State Tourney to be crowned champions Mossville(22-4) 56-23, Clifton Nash(24-2) 32-21, Burr Ridge MS(21-3) 35-34 overtime victory in the Championship Game to be crowned State Champs. Teutopolis team average was 41PPG and they held their opponent to an 26PPG average, giving them a +15 point differential for the State Tournament. The Teutopolis Wooden Shoes were led by Jordan Hardiek (MVP) who scored 10 points in the title game and averaged 7PPG for the tournament, they also received great contributions from Evan Addis 10.6PPG, Matthew Deters 9.6PPG, and Evan Wermert 9.3PPG.

All-Tourney Teams and MVP

1st Team:

Jordan Hardiek - Teutopolis(MVP)

Kendall Martin - Burr Ridge(led tourney in total points 50)

Jacob Shoven - Clifton Nash

Evan Addis - Teutopolis

Matthew Deters - Teutopolis

2nd Team:

Evan Wermert - Teutopolis

Landon Cook - Wenona Fieldcrest

Jay Lemenager - Clifton Nash

Markus Isaiah - Vandalia

Jimmy McFadden - Pleasant Plains

Honorable Mention: Kam Wollard-Mossville; Justin Guernsey-Pleasant Plains; Kadinn Morris-Moroa Forsyth; Anthony Campbell-Moroa Forsyth; Caden Perry-Clifton Perry; Jaxon McKay-Wenona Fieldcrest; Travis Sunken-Wenona Fieldcrest; Michael Houltram-Burr Ridge; Maurice Houston-Burr Ridge; Jaylon Smith-Burr Ridge.

8-2A Final Results

IESA 8-2A State Champions Decatur Johns Hill (24-0). Decatur Johns Hill had to beat these teams at the state tournament Springfield Blessed Sacrament(20-5) 63-52, Normal Epiphany(25-3) 62-58, and Hazel Crest Jesse White(9-5) 75-55 in the Championship Game and was crowned State Champions. The Eagles battled very hard all tournament and had their biggest victory in the Championship game. The Eagles averaged 66.6PPG as a team during this tournament, and their opponents 55PPG, giving them a +11.6 point differential for the State Tourney. The Decatur Johns Hill Eagles were led by their MVP Brylan Phillips who is a 7th grader who scored 24 points in the Title Game and put up 18PPG for the tourney. The Eagles also received great contributions from Rodney Walker Jr 20.6PPG, Ryan Bartley 11.3PPG, Nicholaus Spannaus 8.6PPG, and Jabryn Anderson 4.3PPG who is also a 7th grader.

All-Tourney Teams and MVP

1st Team:

Brylan Phillips - Decatur Johns Hill(MVP) as seen in picture

Mar'Keise Irving - Hazel Crest Jesse White (led tourney in total points 94)

Rodney Walker Jr. - Decatur Johns Hill

Sam Tallen - Normal Epiphany

Brannan Kraft - Springfield Blessed Sacrament

2nd Team:

Ryan Bartley - Decatur Johns Hill

Luke Braman - Roanoke Benson

J.T. Welch - Normal Epiphany

Sam Antonacci - Springfield Blessed Sacrament

Noah Reynolds - Peoria St. Philomena

Honorable Mention: Ryan Hedrick-Liberty; Logan Robbins-Liberty; Nelson reynolds-Peoria St. Philomena; Jr Brinkerhoff-Paris Crestwood; James Early-Roanoke Benson; Nicholaus Spannaus-Decatur Johns Hill; Jabryn Anderson-Decatur Johns Hill; Octavian Eason-Hazel Crest Jesse White; Lamar Dillon-Hazel Crest Jesse White.

8-1A Final Results

IESA 8-1A State Champions Peoria Limestone Walters (25-0). Limestone Walters had to beat these teams to be crowned State Champions. Cissna Park(10-11) 47-31, Ottawa Marquette(23-4) 50-29, and Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes(24-4) 45-33 in the title game and was crowned State Champions. The Rockets averaged as a team 47.3PPG in the tournament, and only allowed their opponent an 31PPG average, giving them a +16.3 point differential margin for the tournament. Peoria Limestone Walters Rockets was led by their MVP Brock Hamm who scored 11 points in the Title Game, and 11 points every single game he played giving him an 11PPG average for the tourney, they also received contributions from Cole Leach 10PPG, Josh Garner 9PPG, Nate Stear 7.6PPG, and Drew Taggert 5.3PPG.

All-Tourney Teams and MVP

1st Team:

Brock Hamm - Peoria Limestone Walters(MVP) as seen in Pic #35

Adam Weir - Pontiac St. Mary's (led tourney in total points 44)

Dylan Singleton - Lincoln Carroll Catholic

Brody Danner - Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes

Matt Murphy - Pontiac St. Mary's

2nd Team:

Chord Miller - Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes

Cole Leach - Peoria Limestone Walters

Evan Mann - Ottawa Marquette

Josh Garner - Peoria Limestone Walters

Victor Mullen - Ottawa Marquette

Honorable Mention: Owen Bell-Virginia; Andrew Graue-Lincoln Carroll Catholic; Craig Croy-Sigel St. Michael's; Ian Rogers-Cissna Park; Bryce Sluis-Cissna Park; Alex Trevino-Pontiac St. Mary's; Nate Nelson-Ottawa Marquette; Vince Koester-Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes; Christian Stoner-Decatur Our Lady of Lourdes; Nate Stear-Peoria Limestone Walters; Drew Taggert-Peoria Limestone Walters.

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