Let's Be Real

So I've been running a scouting service for the past 6 years. I started in Central Illinois which is a population of 744,871 and kept Central Illinois my main focus even though through the years I would branch out into the entire state and build relationships with various Colleges/Universities, High School Coaches, and AAU/Grassroots teams. I made plenty of people mad throughout the years, not intentionally, but because of my write ups and mainly my rankings. If you are good, you are good and it's as simple as that. I understand how the vast majority of rankings are formulated on which schools are recruiting you over truly how good you are. You may be better sometimes than a prospect that is ranked higher than you, but in most cases you truly aren’t.

Everybody is a champion, wrong, in sports there is only one champion. It is an accolade that is given to an individual/team depending on the sport. This all begins in youth sports with the everyone's a winner, which again is not true. Yes, you can learn from your losses to better prepare for the next game. We instill this in our children at a young age and parents even allow youth coaches to brainwash them into a mindset that they carry over into their child in high school and championing them in the wrong way. That's like saying everyone is equal to each other, if that was the case Jordan would be considered as the greatest basketball player of all time. If we all are equal in skill than competition would be dead and not exist. Sorry for this paragraph, however it was needed to be written.

People would tell me within my first 3 years just wait until your son gets in High School and lets see how you feel when he’s not ranked by your peers within recruiting services and when he's not getting recruited because he’s not ranked. You are only doing this for him, so that you can use your resources to get him looked at. If I can’t be honest and real with my own kid, than how can i be honest and real with you. My son is a Junior in High School, and I have not helped him in any way with recruitment. I tell my son all the time that he is a D3/NAIA prospect. Despite him drawing attention from two NCAA Division 2 schools, but interest does not equate to a scholarship.

I’m writing this because people know that I have a son who happens to play basketball. I love my son very dearly, and would love to see him succeed in every endeavor that he partakes in, but if I can’t keep it real with him and let him experience the truth of life I would be failing him as his father. So within this game of basketball which is apart of life let us as parents keep it real with our student-athletes and not lie to them. There is a difference being their fan while being their parent verses being their fan and acting like their friend. Missed-evaluations are like missed-interpretations which happens sometimes, but a frequent missed-evaluation leads to an non-credible source who knows absolutely nothing about basketball evaluations and how that prospect may fair at the next level. Which in turns leads to no relationship with any college coach, and you turn out to be a basketball hobbyist.

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