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Battle for First Place | Lady Panthers vs Lady Lobos

CySprings vs Langham

Quick highlights from last night's game.

CySprings, who are 24-2, faced a tough defensive team, Langham Creek, with a record of 26-4. From the start of tip-off, you can tell this would be a heated game. With some exciting players to watch. Both teams played great defensively, forcing turnovers, tough shots, and great defensive and offensive rebounds. The Lady Lobos fell short last night to the talented Lady Panthers. Ending the game 65 ( Langham Creek) to 71 ( CySprings)

Player Spotlight

Away - Cypress Springs

*2 Ayla McDowell, a 6’2 Junior, combo Guard, who can attack off the dribble, uses her height to be a dominant force under the basket. Grabbing nearly every offensive rebound, and scoring off every second-chance shot. A true game-changer for the Lady Panthers.

*5 Zamari Reece, a 5’5 Sr, defended the ball well, with some big defense stops

10 Emery Harlarson, a Junior, Hassled Langham Creek PG all night, forcing her to take tough shots

*11 Jemini Mitchell, a 6’2 Fr. is very tall and athletic, with a trigger on the 3pt line, she made some big shots in the second half.  Pushing the lead to 49-39 going into the 4th. An exciting player to look out for.

*12 Evonne Sidney, a 5’6 Sr Guard was on fire from the 3 with the hot hand. She was ready to catch and shoot every time the Lady Panthers had the ball.

*21 Ma’riya Vincent, a 6’0 Sr Shooting Guard, is a solid force for the Lady Panthers. She aggressively attacks the basket with the ball with the intent to finish all the time. Coming up big with good defensive stops and even control the offense with the ball in her hands.

Home- Langham Creek

*5 Heather Baymon, a 5’6 Sr. PG, respectfully shows off her seniority on the court. Making confident decisions with the ball in her hands. Hitting wide-open open 3’s or heavily-guarded layups, attacking the basket off the dribble, with her eyes on the prize. She took some big 3’s in the fourth, where she was heavily guarded, to give the Lady Lobos a fighting chance.

*13 Jade Prevost, a 5’9 Sr., Did little the things for the Lady Lobos. She played in the lanes, got some key deflections, and rebounded the ball on both ends. Even taken a couple shots.

*24 Brooke Prevost, a 5’9 So, has shown her growth on the court, being able to show off her skills with the ball on both ends. She actively attacks the basket of the dribble, going against the entire team, looking for the easy 2. With her great size, it makes easy for her to read the floor well, get deflections, rebound the ball and make plays for her teammates and herself.

Article Written By: Darian Page

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