Greater Houston Prospects

Ball So Hard Player Rankings of Greater Houston are set up under these guidelines.

  • Class of 2022 Top 80 [FINAL]

  • Class of 2023 Top 50 [Next Update 6/1/22]

  • Class of 2024 Top 30 [Next Update 6/1/22]

  • Class of 2025 Watch List [January 2022]


The rankings will be updated bi-quarterly, and as prospects make their commitments or sign with a college/university.


We can only rank and evaluate players that we've seen in person or footage of them. We try to get to as many games as possible which is why we are thankful for the parents who send us their footage. 

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Power 10 Team Rankings

Power 10 Team Rankings has been increased to Top 25 for class 6A and 5A. Class 4A and Private has been incresed to Top 20, while 3A remains Top 10 for the final regular season rankings. The Final Ranking will be released on March 14th, 2022. Each voter uses these guidelines when voting [Stength of Schedule, Strenght of District, Best Wins, and Opponents Loss to].

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2022 Prospect

Here is our Top 80 class of 2022 prospects. These seniors had a great senior campaign and most a really solid high school varsity career. This is our final rankings for the 2022 Class as they all prepare to get focussed on the next chapter in life.

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2023 Prospect

This Junior class is filled with rising prospects who made a huge contribution this High School season. It will be interesting to see where everyone lands for Grassroots basketball and how well each prospect fares over this summer. Here is our Top 50!

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2024 Prospect Rankings

The Sophomore season is in the books. Some prospects have got better and others not so much. Here are the steady and rising Top 30 sophomores. 

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2025 Player Watchlist

The Freshman season is in the books. Here is our first look at prospects who played on the varsity level that you guys should be on the watch for. This is not a ranking.