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GASO Two Cities (Houston) Recap

Reviews with Rob | GASO Two Cities (Houston) Recap

Today, I will be recapping the GASO Two Cities (Houston) event that took place last weekend. Below is a breakdown of highlighted players from 15U through 17U, restricted to prospects that I witnessed playing full games. 


Reese Alston, G, Cooz Elite (Pro-16): Alston’s basketball IQ belies his age. Whether it was running the correct play when needed, or getting a bucket for himself, he was always thinking team first. Reese had one of the best performances, in one of the best games, that I witnessed all weekend.  

Broderick Wyatt, F, Cooz Elite (Pro-16): Broderick is an intriguing prospect. He can score from inside with his back to the basket, or initiate offense with his more than capable ball-handling ability. Wyatt also has the frame to guard people bigger than him, as well as rebounds the ball at a high level. 

Royce Shelton, G, JL3 (E15): Royce showed an improved ability to consistently knock down perimeter shots. I knew that he could get to the basket against anyone, but if he’s able to continually hit these shots it will open up his game even more. Shelton also played with reckless abandon on the defense end. 

Jadarian “JD” Williams, G, JL3 (E15): After not seeing Jadarian this past high school season, it was refreshing to see that he’s still the same high-level player that I remember. The one thing that stood out for me the most was his athleticism and ability to hound other guards into turnovers. 


Logan Gonzalez, W, Texas Hardwork: This prospect was one of the best shooters that I witnessed over the entire three-day event. Gonzalez even had a game where he went 9-14 from the three-point line. His toughness and ability to stick his nose in and get rebounds outside his area also impressed me.

TK Taylor, W, GPS West Texas: Taylor has a tremendous first step. Once he gets you on his hip, it's either a bucket or a foul. TK produced well playing both 16 and 17U. His frame allows him to be physical and not shy away from contact. 

Bryce Roquemore, G, Texas Takeover (UA Rise): I was excited to see Roquemore as he quietly produced a good high school season. Bryce is a confident scorer. He displayed a variety of ways to score from all three levels. His ability to initiate offense effectively was a new nuisance to his growing repertoire. 

Austin Brown, W, JL3 (E16): Not having to carry the whole scoring load and instead play a role, was the most interesting part of watching Brown over the weekend. Austin was money from the perimeter, while also using his athleticism by cutting to the basket and getting easy finishes.


Lucas Hobin, W, TJ Ford Academy: I was amazed at how much Lucas has improved since I last saw him in December. He has slimmed down and enhanced his endurance. Hobin was virtually unstoppable in the only game they played on Friday night. I can honestly say that he was one of the top three overall prospects that I saw all weekend.

Zayson Salanoa, W, 2PMB: Salanoa’s game has taken a turn for the best. He’s no longer just a standstill shooter, but a viable threat from all three levels. I could tell that working off the dribble has been one of his main focuses for the summer season. 

Evan Cochran, W, Cooz Elite (Pro-16): Evan continues to add layers to his game. He’s always been a threat from the perimeter, but now he’s also a handful down low. Cochran is arguably the most skilled big in the city. 

Christian Thomas, W, Gulf Coast Blue Chips (UA): Christian has always had the reputation of being able to score, but his versatility on defense is what caught my eye on this day. Thomas went from guarding bigs to switching off on guards and had no problem with either. He was one of the main proponents of a big-time win on Sunday.

BJ Gill, G, Houston Superstars: BJ is one of the fastest prospects in all classes. This was on full display in one of the most highly anticipated matchups of the weekend. Gill more than held his own, with his long-range shooting and crafty finishes at the rim. Playing like this, his stock will continue to rise.

Jordan Buckner, G, TJ Ford Academy: In his only game of the weekend, Jordan thoroughly impressed me with his court vision and ability to get everyone involved. Buckner is known as a scorer, but if he continues to play with this type of high-level IQ his recruitment will open up even more.

RJ Greene, G, Texas Takeover (UA Rise): RJ displayed one of the most dynamic scoring outbursts in a half that I have seen in a while. Greene made shots from all over, leading to a loud 32 points. His ability to play his game and maintain his composure while in a very hostile environment is what most impressed me.

TK Lawson, W, Houston Superstars: TK was unstoppable getting to the rim. Whether it was getting fouled and making free throws, or going through the contact and laying it up, he continued to keep pressure on the defense all day. Lawson looked fully healthy playing the majority of the minutes and also guarding some high-level players.

Montana Wheeler, G, Gulf Coast Blue Chips: Saving the best performance for last, Wheeler willed his team to a “come from behind” victory. He made all of the right plays ranging from scoring when needed, key defensive plays, making the extra pass for higher percentage shots…the list goes on. He’s a fiery competitor with a “never say die” attitude that continues to shoot up the rankings.

Article written by: Robert Carroll 

[Ball So Hard, Lead Scout]

April 12th, 2024

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