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Atascocita vs Seven Lakes

Reviews with Rob | Seven Lakes vs Atascocita

In a battle of two of the top teams in the state, the Seven Lakes Spartans took on the Atascocita Eagles. The first half would start off very slow for both teams. It was bad weather outside and bad play on the court, as both teams were called for numerous charges and had multiple turnovers. ℅ 2025 G Tillman Jaramillo was on track early and often going 4 for 5 from the field and 3 for 4 from the three point line for 11 first half points. It was more of a collective effort for Atascocita. They would play hard defense, share the ball and find the right man. ℅ 2026 W Zayson Salanoa would give them a shot of energy off of the bench with 8 points in limited minutes. ℅ 2027 W Isaiah Santos would also keep Seven Lakes close with his energy and rebounding. Going into the half, the game would be tied up at 30 all.

In the second half, Seven Lakes couldn’t get on track. They just didn’t have their usual punch on offense. Atascocita took full advantage of this. ℅ 2026 G Jachai Cantave stepped up his game when it mattered most. He seemed to be everywhere…on defense taking charges and on offense scoring from the three point line as well as inside the paint. He would contribute 10 points and 5 rebounds in the second half. ℅ 2024 G Avion Jackson and ℅ 2025 G Jase Mason have to be commended for their outstanding on ball defense. They hounded Seven Lakes backcourt and never let them feel comfortable or get into a groove. I believe that was the difference in the game. Unsigned senior P Jordan Maddox would take over down low scoring 10 points in the second half and seal a big, early season victory (66-52) over one of the better teams in the state of Texas. 

Seven Lakes was led by: Tillman Jaramillo with 16 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals; Isaiah Santos with 11 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists

Atascocita was led by: Jachai Cantave with 15 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists; Jordan Maddox with 12 points, 6 rebounds

Article Written by: Robert Carroll 

[Ball So Hard, Lead Scout]

November 14th, 2023


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