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Lady Panthers First-Round Statement

Final Report C.E. King vs Dobie

The Lady Panthers from C. E. King High School, with an overall record of 27-6 and a district record of 12-2, faced off against Frank Dobie High School, Lady Longhorns, who has an overall record of 13-18 and a District Record of 7-5. The Lady Panthers came ready to play, in the first round of playoffs. Here's a recap of the game, with some player highlights as well:

The Lady Panthers showed the depth and versatility of the team, which is essential for their success. They applied full-court pressure the entire game, making it difficult for teams like Dobie, who has a good baller handler in sophomore guard Audrey Volper  (#1), to get out of the press.  Players like junior guard Deavion Wilson (#2), senior guard Heaven Jordan(#3), and senior guard Momina Kassim (#10), have active hands-on defense, creating turnovers and disrupting the opposing team's plays. The Lady Panthers capitalized on fast breaks: running the lanes, passing the ball up head, and converting easy fast breaks into points. Showed their ability to execute in transition and score easy baskets. From defense to shooting, shot-blocking to rebounding, each player plays a crucial role in the team's success, allowing them to compete at a high level. The Lady Panthers demonstrated a strong team dynamic and executed various facets of the game effectively. The J. Frank Dobie Lady Longhorns came up short, with the final score of C.E. King 68 and Dobie 32. Let’s not let the score take away from the hard work and effort of the Lady Longhorns who have a mix of experienced players and younger talent that contribute in rebounding, knocking down shots, and finishing the second half strong. 

Player Highlights 

Lady Panthers

#2 Deavion Wilson, a junior guard for C.E. King Lady Panthers. She can shoot the three-pointer, providing a scoring threat from the perimeter. Deavion also showcases her quickness on the court, allowing her to defend the ball effectively. Her active hands and ability to anticipate passes make her a disruptive force on defense, often blocking passes and forcing turnovers. She is aware of her surroundings, keeping her head on a swivel to make the right defensive plays. Exploding in transition, running the floor, and providing scoring opportunities for her team.

#3 Heaven Jordan,  a senior guard for C.E. King Lady Panthers. She is active on the defensive end. She is constantly looking to make the open pass, displaying her court vision and unselfishness. Heaven's defensive skills are highlighted by her ability to easily steal the ball and disrupt opposing offenses. She is also capable of knocking down open three-point shots, adding another scoring option for her team. Heaven's hard work and dedication are evident on both ends of the court, as she consistently contributes and provides valuable minutes for the team.

#24 Kennedi Alexander, a senior guard for C.E King Lady Panthers. She is capable of blocking shots and provides a strong presence on defense. Kennedy is not afraid to shoot the three-pointer and can move effectively with or without the ball. Her understanding of how to seal her defender allows her to grab rebounds, and she uses her size to body smaller players.

#13 Brooklyn Alexander, a senior forward for C.E. King Lady Panthers. Who excels as a shot blocker? She has a knack for timing her blocks and disrupting opponents' shots. Brooklyn is also capable of catching and shooting the open three-pointer, adding another scoring option for the team. Defensively, she is strong under the basket, using her size and positioning to defend effectively.

#15 Macaylan Alston, a senior power forward for C.E. King Lady Panthers. Comes off the bench and provides shot-blocking ability and defense for her teammates. Her timing and length allow her to block shots and alter opponents' scoring attempts.

#22 Jazzlyn Robertson, a junior forward for C.E. King Lady Panthers. Provides valuable minutes off the bench. She contributes with defensive stops and rebounding, helping the team maintain its defensive intensity and secure possessions.

Lady Longhorns

#1 Audrey Volper, a sophomore guard for the J. Frank Dobie Lady Longhorns. As the primary ball handler, she can see the floor well, which allows her to make smart decisions with the ball. She understands how to effectively use screens to create open shooting opportunities for herself or her teammates. She doesn't rush her moves or force shots, instead, she takes her time to read the defense and make the right play. Audrey's ability to navigate through defenses and find open teammates is enhanced by her knowledge of how to utilize screens. While creating separation and getting open looks. Her patience and composure in handling the ball contributed to the team's offensive success.

#3 Ulani Davis, a junior guard for the J. Frank Dobie Lady Longhorns. Had the ability to knock down shots, demonstrating her attacking mindset by driving to the basket. This aggressiveness allows her to create scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates.

#12 Mac Kenna Houston, a senior forward, is a versatile player who contributes to various aspects of the game. She can block the ball, be active on the boards, grab rebounds to give her team extra possessions, contribute to hustle plays, and effort on the court. Also, she possesses the ability to handle the ball, showcasing her ball-handling skills when necessary.

#22 Jadyn Johnson, a senior forward for the J. Frank Dobie Lady Longhorns. Johnson rebounded the ball, securing possessions for her team, and attacked the basket off the dribble. Her ability to put the ball on the floor and drive to the basket adds another dimension to the team's offense.

#23 Dezire Lewis, a junior forward who brings a strong effort under the basket. She demonstrates her commitment and determination by battling for rebounds and positioning herself well in the paint. Her presence under the basket allows her to contribute to the team's rebounding efforts and create scoring opportunities in the post.

Article Written By: Darian Page


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