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Private School Classic

Private School Classic Report

Nathan Law UTRGV Commit 2024 6’5 St Thomas Episcopal 

Nathan was nothing short of special in his first games back from nursing an injury. He showed his effectiveness from all three levels of the floor, patiently cooking his opponent every time he had the ball in his hands. He was dominant in getting to the basket, displaying his soft touch around the rim, but where I was most impressed was his attention to detail defensively. Anchoring his team from the wing spot, Law was involved in countless steals and blocks underneath the basket. 

Dyllan Thompson 2024 6’5 Second Baptist  

Dyllan is a skilled wing prospect, who shows off an ability to play small ball center on a nightly basis, banging around on the interior. Has an elite game out of the triple threat, allowing him to maneuver around his opponents and get to the basket. I was most impressed with his awareness out of the pick and roll, both as a screener and the ball handler. He always seemed to make the right decision on slipping the screen or setting it and popping/ rolling. 

Jace Jeffries 2024 5’11 Concordia Lutheran 

Jace played well this weekend, creating shot after shot for himself and his teammates. He plays exceptionally well as the lead guard, with a perfect blend of dishing and scoring. When his team needed a bucket, they knew they could turn to him. His unselfishness bleeds into his teammates and really hammers home their pass-centric offense. As an on-ball defender, he is aggressive and loves attacking his opponents. 

Ben Fears 2024 6’4 Concordia Lutheran

Ben is an explosive athlete, always powering home finishes you have to see to believe. He is excellent in the dunker's spot and can operate as a small ball center with his athleticism and aggressiveness. Fears is a very raw athlete who finds a way to be effective every night. 

Sebastian Williams-Adams 2025 6’8 St John’s School

I am not sure what else needs to be said about Sebastian. He possesses some of the best on-court awareness I have seen at a prospect his size, is never afraid of ball pressure, and is a better decision-maker than most point guards in the state of Texas. This blend of basketball IQ pairs incredibly with his frame, ability to finish in the paint, and aggressiveness with the ball in his hands. He is constantly leaned on to provide offense for his team and never shies away from it, just calmly walks the ball up the court looking to attack another weakness in the defense. Defensively, he anchored his team swatting shots, collecting rebounds, and being an all-around menace on the interior. 

Aiden Law 2025 6’2 St Thomas Episcopal

Aiden showed off his spectacular shooting ability, coming in and knocking down big shots when his team needed them. He is excellent off the catch and played well off of the opportunities generated by his teammate's drive and kick. Law knocked down shots from all across the arc, forcing the defense to close out hard, really opening up his game and making him a spectacular offensive force. 

Evan Cochran 2025 6’8 The Village School 

Evan is a consistent interior presence on both ends of the floor. He protects the rim well and has substantial post moves which allows him to seal his opponent easily. Has a strong face-up game on the block and loves punishing smaller defenders. 

Charlie Church 2026 6’ The Village School

Charlie is a high-level shooter off the catch, he excels in limited dribbles. His awareness on the offensive end is second to none, understands spacing and moving without the basketball. 

Malachi Booker 2027 6’6 St John’s School

Malachai was huge for St John's, coming up big as the team’s secondary option on a nightly basis. He knocked down shots from the perimeter playing well off of the attention Sebastian Williams-Adam brought, and attacked the basket at a very high level. His ability to finish in traffic at such a young age is eye-catching. He is not afraid of anyone down low and uses his body very well to absorb contact. Booker is a lockdown defender for his team as well, coming up big against the team's first or second option. 

Reese Alston 2027 6’ Second Baptist

Reece is about as true of a point guard as they come. A high-level decision-maker, whose patience with the ball allows him to excel in transition. He is already leading his team with 5 seniors who play big minutes for them. Alston is an elite slasher and seems to always wiggle around his defender. A skilled shooter from the perimeter already, with consistency will make him an even deadlier guard. 

Andrew Phipps

The Basketball Eye


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