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Reviews with Rob | Westfield vs Eisenhower

It was just a day of high quality District 14 Region II 6A action for me. The nightcap saw me on Ella Blvd checking out the Westfield Mustangs 8-11 (0-1) taking on the Eisenhower Eagles 5-13 (0-1). In the beginning, it was a cat and mouse type of game. Westfield and its trio of quality guards versus Eisenhower’s athletic, bruising front court. Westfield started the game off hot. Unsigned senior G Dexter Smith was 3-5 from the three point line alone in the first half. ℅ 2024 G DeBrion Broomfield was also hot from inside and outside the arc to the tune of 15 points in the first half. Eisenhower, not to be outdone, had their own hot duo. Sam Houston State commit Keylon Dorsey also went 3-5 from the three point line and put so much pressure on Westfield that they went to a box and 1 defense. That’s where unsigned senior P Da’Vion Curry started to pick up the slack. Curry is a broad shouldered bully who used his physicality and nimble feet to keep the Eagles close with 8 points and 3 rebounds. Unsigned senior G Jaden Parker also came in and gave Coach Johnson and the Eagles some high quality minutes at point guard. While he didn’t score a lot of points, he didn’t turn the ball over and showed poise while settling the team into their offense repeatedly. Westfield would go into the half leading 47-37.

In the second half, Eisenhower would start to chip away at Westfield’s lead. Most of that could be attributed to their offense rebounding acumen. They grabbed a total of 20 offensive rebounds with 18 coming in the second half. Coach Goffney would turn to ℅ 2025 P Jeremiah Cooper to settle down the Mustangs and anchor the middle of the floor…and boy did he ever…to the tune of 8 blocks and 5 rebounds. ℅ 2024 W Keivon Pipkins would also get into the act of scoring and rebounding, taking pressure off of Dorsey and Curry. He would total 10 points and 8 offensive rebounds to bring the game to a 70 all tie at the end of four quarters.

In the overtime sessions, Da’Vion Curry tried to single-handedly wrestle the game away from Westfield. He was a man amongst boys. Westfield’s emotional leader, unsigned senior G Dajohn Palomo, would be the saving grace for the Mustangs. His aggressive, attacking style continued to get him to the line where he and DeBrion Broomfield would close out the game in double OT. Westfield would win 91-88.

Eisenhower was led by: Da’Vion Curry with 25 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks, 2 steals; Keylon Dorsey with 18 points, 7 rebounds; Keivon Pipkins with 16 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals.

Westfield was led by: DeBrion Broomfield with 29 points, 3 rebounds; Dexter Smith with 17 points, 2 rebounds; Dajohn Palomo with 15 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists

Article Written by: Robert Carroll

[Ball So Hard, Lead Scout]

January 4th, 2023


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