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Rob C: Season Opener Day 1 Preview & Predictions

Aldine vs Katy Jordan, 4:00 p.m. MO Campbell Center

Katy Jordan enters this game fresh off of a trip to last year’s Regional Semi-Finals. The question for them will be can they maintain their focus with them now being the hunted instead of being the hunter. They will be led by a good backcourt in ℅ 2025 G Elijah Black and ℅ 2025 G Jaden Holt. ℅ 2025 P Jude Oluokun will man the middle for Coach Jones’ team. Aldine comes in with nothing to lose. I’ve seen this team in fall ball and they’re tougher than they look. The key for the Mustangs will be if they can control tempo and limit the Warriors to one shot. ℅ 2025 G Jameson Kegler and ℅ 2025 G Lorenzo Robinson must both play well and limit turnovers.

Predicted Score: Katy Jordan 68 Aldine 55


St. Francis Episcopal vs Westfield, 5:30 p.m. MO Campbell Center

Westfield is back again and, as usual, they are a tough and gritty squad, mirroring the characteristics of their leader Coach G. Unsigned senior G Debrion Broomfield is a tough as nails point guard that will defend you 94 feet and continuously get two feet in the paint on offense. The man in the middle for the Mustangs, ℅ 2025 P Jeremiah Cooper, must play big and consistently assert himself throughout this game. St. Francis Episcopal almost tasted the championship success, coming up just short in the state championship game. I think this is the year that their big 3 of ℅ 2025 F Omarion Harvey, ℅ 2025 G John Laboy II and ℅ 2025 P Nigel Walls turn the corner. This game is going to go a long way in determining how the trajectory of their season will be. It is always good to get off to a great start against a good opponent. The point guard battle will be must-see tv.

Predicted Score: Westfield 56 St Francis Episcopal 54


Seven Lakes vs Duncanville, 7pm MO Campbell Center

Duncanville comes back to HTown looking a little different than past teams. Although very talented, this is one of the youngest teams that they have fielded in a long time. ℅ 2025 G Kayden Edwards is one of the most prolific shooters in the entire state. He can instantly change a game by himself. ℅ 2025 G Cameron Smith makes his return back to the city with new additions to his game and a very confident attitude. Seven Lakes is led by Louisiana Tech signee AJ Bates. He is one of the top guards in the whole state and the bright lights of the Campbell Center will not deter him from being a star. ℅ 2026 G Nasir Price is looking to remind everybody why he was ranked within the top 100 in the country. This could very well be his coming out party. ℅ 2027 Isaiah Santos might just be the X factor for the Spartans to get over the hump. I believe this will be a very fast paced game. It should be very exciting.

Predicted Score: Seven Lakes 74 Duncanville 69


Shadow Creek vs Pebblebrook (GA), 8:30pm MO Campbell Center

Shadow Creek returns a familiar face in ℅ 2025 W Bryce Jackson. Before his unfortunate injury, he was one of the most electric players in his class. If he is in shape and back to his old self, this could be a long night for Pebblebrook. ℅ 2025 G Mike Collins is the straw that stirs the drink for the Sharks. His defensive on ball pressure and emotional leadership is what makes him a good leader. Look for him to score more this game as he has added more to his offensive package over the summer. ℅ 2024 P Kaden Tate has to be great on the glass. The Sharks are not that tall, but he plays bigger than his size. Pebblebrook, by all my research, is a solid team. ℅ 2025 G Max McNeil is one of their main weapons. This could be a tough game for Shadow Creek to maneuver in because there are a lot of unknowns. But I think if Collins and Jackson have a great game, they should be just fine.

Predicted Score: Shadow Creek 52 Pebblebrook 48

Article Written by: Robert Carroll

[Ball So Hard, Lead Scout]

November 10th, 2023


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