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ROW 2025 | G.Day's FIVE Standouts

The class of 2025 Rucker On Wood is an RCS Sports event that played host to 81 players from around the Greater Houston Area. There were only 6 of Ball So Hard Top 40 prospects from the class of 2025 participating. The Rucker On Wood is an open gym pick-up setting with no foul calls. Some kids thrive better than others in a less structured environment when you can get away with certain things. It was still good seeing all the players that did participate and allowing their competitive nature to be on full display, especially during the bracket play of the event.

Now their were more than five players that stood out and notes I took on, but here are the five players in which I will talk about from the class of 2025 Rucker On Wood:

Jordan Buckner 6’0” | South Houston BSH40

Jordan continues to impress as a lead guard. Pace, poise, and persistence are just a few of his qualities as a point guard. Pace to control the flow knowing when to speed it up and slow it down. Poise never gets rattled and doesn’t allow others to knock him off his game. Persistence to win the matchup and win the game every time he is on the floor. Very competitive with a great motor. Expect for him to have a really big season for the Trojans.

Trae Lewis 6’0” | Grand Oaks BSH40

Trae is a known shooter. As he was knocking down his shots, he also was blowing by opponents like it was nothing. Very quick first step and ability to finish in traffic was very impressive. A couple of times it looked like he was above the rim and thought he was going to flush it a couple of times.

Michael Collins 6’2” | Shadow Creek BSH40

The one thing that I love about this player game is that he doesn’t change the way he plays no matter if it's on the EYBL circuit or in a setting like the Rucker On Wood. He is going to use his physicality to get where he wants. He is going to make flashy passes. He is going to lock up defensively.

Jomarques Henderson 6’5” | C.E. King

Joe showcased his athleticism on both sides of the ball. On the defensive side of the ball he was a menace. Tough on-ball defensively and altering shots with his athleticism. He was also cleaning up on the glass. On the offensive end of the ball he was looking to dunk the ball every time. He also shot the ball well from the perimeter.

Aiden Law 6’2” | St. Thomas Episcopal BSH40

Aiden was hitting shots from every spot behind the arc like he was in a three-point contest. His ball handling has improved also and looks more comfortable with the ball in his hands. His ability to get a bucket opened up the floor for the rest of his teammates at the event. He even caught a body in the championship game. Excited to see him in their season home opener in November as they play Empowering Others Prep.

Geoffrey Day [Owner/National Evaluator]

August 30, 2023,

Ball So Hard Scouting Service

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