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Second Baptist Gets Big Road WIN!

Reviews with Rob | St. Thomas Episcopal vs Second Baptist

Welcome back to the beginning of a new high school basketball season. The 2023-24 season is sure to bring us a lot of interesting matchups and story lines across the city. In today’s matchup, we had the St. Thomas Episcopal Saints taking on the Eagles of Second Baptist. The first half of this game started out kind of slow. ℅ 2024 unsigned senior forward, Michael Olaly, was the anchor of the ship for the Eagles. His activity on the inside led to him getting multiple easy baskets that saw him finish the half with 9 points and 7 rebounds. ℅ 2027 G Reese Alston was a problem. It wasn’t just about scoring for him, but making the right basketball play. I love to see young prospects play the point guard position with great IQ. St. Thomas Episcopal didn’t come just to lay down. Even without their star, ℅ 2025 G Aiden Law came out swinging. He would score in a variety of ways that would tally him a total of 15 first half points. ℅ 2024 G Micha Gichana seemed to be everywhere, from taking charges, getting assists and play above the rim. He would be a huge catalyst to keep the game close and his team would go into half time down 33-30.

In the second half, St. Thomas Episcopal would come out bombing from the three point line. Law and ℅ 2026 G Jarod Mosely would combine for 7 threes, 5 of which were hit within the first five minutes of the third quarter. After calling a timeout, Coach Mouton must have instructed his Eagles to attack the inside of the paint. ℅ 2024 W Dyllan Thompson would be a major component in this process. He continued to get key baskets and stopped the bleeding every time it looked like St. Thomas Episcopal was going to get back in the game. ℅ 2026 G Christian Haskett also contributed with 8 second half points and a couple of clutch offensive rebounds. After a valiant shooting performance from the Saints, the Eagles closed the door with multiple offensive rebounds and putbacks from Olaly. Alston continued to be a vital piece in not turning the ball over against extreme defensive pressure, as Second Baptist held on to a 72-67 victory.

Second Baptist was led by: Michael Olaly with 19 points, 11 rebounds; Dyllan Thompson with 20 points, 5 rebounds; Reese Alston with 13 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals

St. Thomas Episcopal was led by: Aiden Law with 26 points, 3 rebounds; Jarod Mosely with 12 points, 2 assists, 2 steals; Micha Gichana with 9 points, 6 assists

Article Written by: Robert Carroll

[Ball So Hard, Lead Scout]

November 2nd, 2023

Check out the Full Game Highlight Recap. Video credit: Geoffrey Day (Ball So Hard/National Scout)


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