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St. Thomas Episcopal wins at home!

Reviews with Rob | St. Thomas Episcopal vs EOP

In the first official varsity game of the school’s history for EOP, they took on St. Thomas Episcopal. The first half started with a nice flow. EOP, having nothing to lose, came out swinging. ℅ 2026 G Jose Martins’ shot making ability from the perimeter was on full display. He exhibited a knack for finding the open spot and knocking down the shot. Unsigned senior W Brandon Brown also was a pleasant surprise. His speed with the ball in the open court, and ability to turn the corner and get to the basket, had St. Thomas Episcopal on their heels constantly. Unsigned senior G Jarod Mosely was the steady hand for St. Thomas Episcopal. His athleticism and tenacious on ball defense kept the game close. Unsigned senior W Micha Gichana was once again a swiss army knife. He constantly scored and did all of the little things to keep the game from getting out of hand. At half time, EOP would lead 39-33 and appeared to have all of the momentum.

At halftime, St. Thomas Episcopal must have gotten a not-so-friendly half time speech from their leader Coach Twine. You could tell that they came out of the locker room with a sense of renewed urgency. ℅ 2025 G Aiden Law was the captain of this charge. He woke up in the second half and was seemingly everywhere. He and Mosely, along with unsigned senior G Dylan Felceman, locked down the perimeter and held EOP scoreless for the first five minutes of the third quarter. ℅ 2025 G Raken Vargas put the scoring on his back and scored the next three baskets to break the ice for EOP. In the end, the three point shots were not falling for EOP and St. Thomas Episcopal was getting all of the easy transition baskets. ℅ 2024 P Noah Richards would put any hope for a comeback away with a couple of big offensive rebounds and easy putbacks to seal the game for St. Thomas Episcopal, 76-67.

St. Thomas Episcopal was led by: Jarod Mosely with 18 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals; Aiden Law with 17 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals; Micha Gichana with 14 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists; Noah Richards with 13 points, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks

EOP was led by: Jose Martins with 18 points, 3 assists; Raken Vargas with 17 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists; Brandon Brown with 17 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists

Article Written by: Robert Carroll

[Ball So Hard, Lead Scout]

November 8th, 2023

Watch the Full Game Highlight Video here. Video Credit [Geoffrey Day].


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