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SWAIC Standouts - Session 1

SWAIC Session 1 - Houston, TX

I was able to get over to the SWAIC this past Saturday, January 6th, 2024. The event was held at Houston Thunder Gym. I only watched the National Division games. I like the competition within the league. I mean dudes were getting after it. I loved the fact that they run a 30-second shot clock also. The league features teams from Oklahoma (Grind Prep), Florida (Southeastern Prep), and Texas (TACA Gold, TACA Black, Universal Academy, BigTyme Sports Academy, Good Vision Academy, PSAT Academy, Empowering Others Prep, and NTI Career Institute Marian). Here is a list of prospects that stood out to me on day 3 of the event.

Mathias Baye 

7’0” | 2025 | Marian 

Talk about making an impact from the jump! This prospect was big time mainly on the offensive side of the ball, however, his length made it tough for opponents on the defensive end as well. He has good hands, a good enough skill set, and the IQ to dominate at the high school level. He rim runs and is a force on the glass. 

Eddie Dia

6’9” | 2026 | Marian

Another big that was solid on the court was Eddie. He was able to guard wings at times and was also huge on the glass. He displayed that he can knock down perimeter shots as well. He was very active on the court.

Trent Burns

7’2” | 2024 | Good Vision

The Missouri University signee's defensive prowess on the court was very impressive. I watched him swat shot after shot. His ability to drain three-pointers makes defenses thin on the interior. 

Cameroon Woodberry

6’5” | 2024 | Good Vision

Cam looked really good when driving the ball to the rim. He also is starting to play above the rim more often. Active on the defensive end of the court. What I liked most was the maturity and leadership that he displayed throughout the game. 

Sam Cole

5’8” | 2024 | Good Vision

Sam put on a clinic as a point in the game I saw him play. He finished with 8 assists. He utilized his ability to blow by his opponent and force the defense to collapse to find his teammates for easy buckets. He also was a pest on the defensive side of the ball as he came away with 5 steals.

Takoreyn Lawson

6’6” | 2024 | PSAT Academy

TK is a big guard that has so much poise in his game. He always seems to be in control on the court, he's never rattled. He ran the show for the Panthers. Scores it on every level of the floor. He makes plays for others and can guard every position on the floor defensively. 

Chase Ashby

6’1” | 2024 | PSAT Academy

Chase is a big-time shot maker and he showed it. He is really good as a catch-and-shoot player. He can handle the rock also and get downhill. He can run the one for you and play off the ball. 

David Wilson

6’7” | 2024 | Grind Prep

Super active on the floor. He is a Swiss army knife of a player, whatever you need done on the court he can do it. What intrigued me the most was the damage he caused in minimal minutes of the game due to being in foul trouble. The coaches always had him on the floor for huge moments though. 

Dailon Minor

5’11” | 2025 | BigTyme Prep

The Bethune-Cookman commit Is a tough lead guard with a great feel. He was getting his teammates involved in the game and also was a menace on the defensive side of the ball. His athleticism makes him a really good rebounder for his position as well. Plays with multiple speeds and is really good in half-court sets. 

Darkaun King

6’7” | 2024 | TACA Gold

The North Alabama signee could not be stopped in the paint when attacking downhill and cleaning up on the offensive glass. Shot 4 for 4 from three-point land as well. His presence on the court brings about wins as it seemed as if every play he made was huge and impactful in their win.

Thomas Hunt

6’6” | 2024 | TACA Gold

Shot the ball extremely well from the perimeter going 6 for 11. He was in a rhythm and he was making his opponents pay. I’ve heard that he wasn’t able to find a rhythm in the first two days. He picked the right moment to have a big game that helped bring his team a win.

Brandon Brown

6’3” | 2025 | E.O.P.

Brown has an old-school slasher feel to his game and thrives in transition basketball. His ability to guard multiple positions on the court is what makes him a great asset for the Kings. He has quick hands defensively with a quick reaction time. 

Raken Vargas

6’1” | 2025 | E.O.P.

It was refreshing seeing Raken attack more with angles than playing east to west. He has a really good feel for the game with a big-time IQ. He was super effective in getting his teammates going and was tough as an on-ball defender as he forced multiple turnovers. 

Article written by: Geoffrey Day

[Ball So Hard: National Scout/Owner]

January 10, 2024

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